My 2013 top 3 books

During 2013 I began to read at in increased rate. This was mainly due to the Kindle iOS app allowing VoiceOver. So for the first time since losing my vision I could read again. The only problem being not all books are available on Kindle yet so I often become annoyed that there are still a whole host of books I am unable to read. If I have a special interest in the book however, then I spend time converting it to make a digital copy.

My reading is shaped by my current interests, running, psychology and business. In order to expand my reading list I thought I would post my favourite reads of 2013 in the hope others would share theirs.


Priceless is a fantastic insight into the psychology of pricing. As I read throughout the book I was amazed at just how many of the psychological tricks I have fallen prey too. The books covers everything from the psychology of mobile phone contracts to the size of a box of cereal. It really is a fascinating read on behavioural decision theory.

Kindle – Priceless on Amazon UK

Paperback – Priceless on Amazon UK

Just A Little Run Around the World

This is easily my favourite read of 2013. After meeting the author and having the opportunity to have a few words with her I immediately went home to buy her book. It is an emotional tale of an epic 5 year run around the world. Rosie undertook this amazing challenge at the age of 57 after losing her husband. Instead of the usual statistics based stories of running it tells an emotional tale of the hardships and magical moments that she experiences along the way. You really don’t have to be into running to enjoy this story. Its just a great tale of an individuals determination to achieve a dream. Whenever I am struggling during a run I call upon the little stories from the book inspire me to continue. If you want to be inspired read this book!

Kindle – Just A Little Run Around The World on Amazon UK

Paperback – Just A Little Run Around The World on AMazon UK

How To Talk To Anyone – 92 Tips and Tricks For Big Success in Relationships

The title of this book made me groan a little. I thought it was going to be full of silly ways to improve your conversational skills or stupid props. Now there are a couple of tips that do recommend a silly prop, I personally would never do this as a conversation starter. I do however have a guide dog, that is a pretty large prop that goes everywhere with me and is a conversation starter, so perhaps I do use a prop?

The reason I wanted to read this book was to improve my conversation skills. Being blind can often make initial conversations with strangers difficult. While I do maintain very good eye contact something that is always commented on, starting conversations can often be difficult. Mainly because I lack a number of the social cues that are taken for granted by many people. for example body language. So the idea of me reading this book was to make it easier for others to communicate with me.

I have to say the tips and tricks really do work. There are a number of people I see all the time but never strike up conversation with, the sandwich man and the people in Starbucks. After using a few of the conversation tricks in this book I managed to maintain quite good conversation with the sandwich man and the Starbucks employees. Individuals who I would normally only share the briefest of pleasantries. So for me it really did improve my everyday conversation skills. It has also hopefully made it far easier for others to communicate with me.

Kindle – How To Talk TO Anyone on Amazon UK

Paperback – How To Talk To Anyone on Amazon UK



2 thoughts on “My 2013 top 3 books

  1. Simon,

    I agree that Rosie Pope-Swale’s book is really amazing and it was great that we both got to meet her. The other two books you mentioned also sound great and I’ll be buying them as soon as I have finished the book I am on.

    My favourites for 2013 include:

    Kings of the Road by Cameron Stracher. This is about the period of running in the US that started with Frank Shorter winning the Olympic marathon and ended with Alberto Salazar’s career fading out. Between those two, the US was the greatest marathon running nation on earth and the men and women who were running then are my absolute heroes. It’s a great book. Annoyingly it looks as though the book is only available as a hardcover (

    David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell is another highlight from this year all about underdogs and how a perceived weakness can be a strength in life and business (available on Kindle:

    And finally Tribes by Seth Godin (also on Kindle: which is a brilliant discussion about the importance of people grouping around an idea or concept and how tribes need leaders.

    Hope that’s some inspiration for you!

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