Long Weekend

It has been an incredibly long weekend, I have barely had any time to fit in some PRINCE2 study. Going to have to really ramp up the study next week so I am fully prepared come exam time.

Friday night I had the chance to try out my burger recipes down at Mudd’s, Doritos really add something to a burger! On saturday myself and Sian headed to sheffield to do some last minute shopping for the holiday. I cant believe its only 29 days till we go. Really should book those last few hotels.

Today I finally managed to check out Squid’s new LS8 flat. It is great improvement over the old S1 and certainly made me jealous. I simply cannot wait to live in a city once I get back from the great USA adventure.

One thought on “Long Weekend

  1. The burger was great it has to be said. I am gonna miss city living but it’s worth it to live with my little family.

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