The build up for todays run began yesterday when my guide runner sent me a text. “its gonna be even hotter tomorrow”, no worries we be fine!

I started this morning off with the usual pre run breakfast of, eggs, bacon, pancakes and OJ. Perhaps not strictly diet safe but I convince myself I need the energy, so go in heavy with the syrup.

I did play it calorie safe on the bacon and fed some to a neighbourhood cat, who I have decided to name Swoosh.

Sian dropped us off at the Doncaster racecourse a little over 5 miles from our house. We began the run in the shade with a steady pace, rounding the first corner we are hit by the heat. The first mile went well, on pace and feeling energetic. The second mile the sun was beginning to take its toll.

At the end of the 2nd mile fatigue hit, damn you sun!

It was time to dig really deep and adapt a little ultra marathon methodology. Walk the hills. This decimated our pace but would hopefully give us the distance finish.

Entering my estate only half a mile to go! Now when we fatigue it is easier for me to run on the road so my guide runner gets a little break from instructions. This resulted in some driver shouting “the road isn’t for running!”. My guide runner pointed out she was a little rotund and was perhaps confused by exercise.

Only 200m left to go, thank god. We had made it, practically 1st and goal! Completing the miles we congratulated ourselves for even attempting the run in this heat.

Did make me ponder, can I take the heat in a 100 miler?

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