Guide Dog Training – Day 11

This morning was another sessions of traffic.  However today Ascot seemed to deal with it incredibly well and I didn’t see the dips in his confidence or stress levels I saw the previous day (it must be noted I am obviously still a rookie at identifying these things).  The route was very simple and we intend to return to it late tonight in order to do a night time walk.

Due to stressing the dogs out with the last 3 walks we had this afternoon off.  The trainer had given me a hardcore dog proof toy to give to Ascot.  So returning back to our room I gave him the toy, it lasted around 3 minutes.  He found the weak point of the toy and simply chewed it apart!

Later in the afternoon we had a lecture on dog behaviour and learnt a few things about what particular behaviours can mean.  After this I returned to the room and tried Ascot with another toy, with his new bone though he refused to nibble it alone.  He would only chew on it as long as I held the other side.  So not really a toy that keeps him occupied!

So now I am sat waiting for the night time walk, should be interested as I rarely go out at night.  Will be a great chance to test my trust in the dog.

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