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With so many FF on twitter now its easy to get lost in the mix. The 140 character limit can also be difficult to explain why each person is worth following so I decided to do this post to highlight a few people worth following.

One of the guide runners from #blind100 and my co star in my TV commercial. Well worth a follow for those two reasons alone!

Another guide runner but also the man behind the scenes. Matt basically put it all together and still remains a driving force for #blind100 and what we hope to achieve in the future.

U&R are the running store that came to my rescue. After losing my entire pacing team I didn’t know where to turn, a chance tweet to U&R changed all of that. They ran a little campaign and helped to piece together my pacing team. They are also a fantastic running store who have lots of UK retail locations as well as an online store.

Well worth a follow just to see the sheer amount of miles she runs in a week. Not only does she run great distances but at a great pace too!

I am going to do this now and again to try and highlight people I enjoy following!

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