Wonderful wildlife

Today has been chock full of random wildlife sightings.

It began with me needing a wee REALLY badly. So as soon as we arrived at Yosemite we pulled over so I could take a leak. As soon as I had jimped back into the car I looked up to see a wolf strolling by the front of the car. Me and Sian were pretty taken back and didnt manage to take a photo until it had walked by.

After finally finding where to park we headed to the information centre. As we walked down the road Sian noticed a pair of antlers sticking out of the growth. We rounded a corner to be met by 3 deer grazing. We were within touching distance and Sian managed to take quite a few photos. Which hopefully will be online shortly.

After spending a few hours walking around Yosemite and gathering our bearings it was time to head back to camp. On the way back to the Bug we narrowly avoided running over a vulture which was chowing down on some carrion in the middle of the road.

Oh and we saw some squirrels, cats and dogs but they are nowhere near as impressive.

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