Twitter Updates for 2009-07-20

  • 17h 08m 14s just under 2 hours left till SFO down to my last box of pringles! #
  • 11h 28m 38s the entertainment system has rebooted. please work! #
  • 10h 5m 22s I eat my first ever airplane meal #
  • 13h 32m 42s 20 peanut m&m's and a broken entertainment system later it's to to get my peggle on #
  • 19h 7m 08s  has landed!!!! #
  • 13h 57m 30s @mechasquid be proud haxed the system to watch another film! #
  • 10h 42m 10s entertainment system crashes eat first pack of pringles #
  • 21h 1m 51s we have arrived at the first hotel! #
  • it apperas iPhone Twitter working but my posts in wrong order! #
  • GPS location: #
  • om om these Americans know how to make breakfast #

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