Twitter Updates for 2009-06-24

  • some true DK's #
  • Manual to be read and workbook completed before Monday!!! #
  • @cun I would cut it out before your body becomes to tolerant to the caffeine and you start thinking you need it just to function in reply to cun #
  • @cun 3 drinks now and i have to be taken home! in reply to cun #
  • finally finished ripping my P90X DVD's, travel workout here I come #
  • my god godaddy dont miss a chance to upsell do they #
  • Well that blog post was longest thing I ever typed on iPhone the wordpress app needs better dictionary support! #
  • @kieran_delaney hahaha fantastic always makes for a good story when it all goes wrong #
  • @CorNEILiuZ ohhhh will grab that on release #
  • Wilson Jordan fresh #

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