Where does all the time go.  Just recently my time has seemed so limited.  With the semester one exams being concentrated to the end of January I saw all my time being concentrated on intense revision with the hope to coming out with a grade I would be comfortable with.

Thankfully this turned out to be the case as I averaged a first in psychology.  I am stil to receive the results for my sociology modules but at this point in time I am mainly concerned with my psychology results.

January also saw the broadcast of the TV commercial I appeared in (as noted below).  I also began to appear in a number of magazines with the print campgain ASICS ran too.  So January really has been a whirlwind month,

This leads us into febuary which just seemed to disappear, with university restarting the same issues I had at the beginning of the first semester resurfaced.  Module choice was again a nightmare with a few emails of complaint flying around to enable me to secure some modules that I could actually attend and receive the support I need to complete them.  The joys of obtaining the books in a copy I am able to utilise also returned.  With yet again a huge difficulty.  This resulted in me simply purchasing the books in paperback format, cutting the spines and scanning them with a paper fed scanner.  With a lot of post processing I ended up with a book that frankly looks better than the original printed version.  These publishers really need to hire me as a consultant!

With all these frantic things going on I am still somehow managing to train?!?!?! I really have no idea sometimes how I find the time.  It is becoming an increasing demand so I am restructuring my university days in the hope to sneak in more training.  As well as finally biting the bullet and running in the morning.  I hate running in the morning, I enjoy lounging in bed far to much!

Now just beginning to enter March I have eye surgery rapidly approaching.  This Friday I will be having cateract surgery with the hope of allowing more light into my eyes.  This may recover some vision the operative word there being may,

I have some incredibly exciting things coming up in the next two weeks so will save those for separate blog posts.  So stay tuned!

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