The Heat

Today we decided to head down to the Brooklyn Bridge park to take a few pics and lounge around. However it the heat didn’t take long to become completely unbearable.

We took refuge in a nearby bookstore and took advantage of the wonderful air conditioning. We decided it was simply to hot in Brooklyn and it might be cooler down in Coney Island.

So after an incredibly long ride on the subway that was thankfully air conditioned we arrived. And as we had hoped it was much cooler. Coney Island reminded me of GTA and blasting around the pier area while listening to the hip hop station.

The one thing that was a shocker were the prices $6 a ride! At those prices Disney is cheaper. As we walked around the park a young couple approached us and gave us some of their tickets for the rides. So free tickets in hand we headed to the ferris wheel.

Which gave us a great view of the island, in the far distance you could just make out the faint outline of Manhattan. After a quick stop at Nathan’s the heat had managed to track us down.

So back onto the nice cool air of the train back to Brooklyn. We are about to head off to Peaches so I can eat BBQ and cornbread!

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