The First Day

Up early and ready brek charged Sian and I headed into college. With it being the first day we decided to set off super early just incase traffic was heavy. We arrived way to early so waited in the car park to allow my nerves to increase.

Upon entering the college we quickly found my guide for the day Jackie. She escorted me upstairs and due to other commitments had to leave me. Sat waiting for the tutor I noticed everyone else seemed to know each other. How could this be? surely we are all starting today?

The tutor took me into class and began a talk on todays itinerary. It involved heading down to the library, ARGH! my guide had already left! I quickly made friends with the girl to my right and decided to stick with her.

As I left the classroom Jackie appeared, a quick conversation followed explaining to a few other students about my lack of vision. We quickly set down to our research task: Is the world heading towards environmental catastrophe?

I quickly reeled off a few causes of climate change to our group; agriculture, globalised economies, over population and CO2 production. We researched the separate sections then presented to the rest of the class.

Turned out we may have jumped a few steps, the lecturer was more interested in the research method. So will save that information for next time!

The day ran far smoother than I had anticipated, the mobility issues were easily overcome and I quickly struck up conversation will fellow students.

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