Supporting The Community

Over the past month I have been increasing my presence in both the running and visually impaired community. This has involved following many users on twitter, reading blogs and chatting to the odd person.

Recently I saw a blind twitter friend ask a question about OS X. Previously I supported OS X within an education setting so thought I could lend a hand. It was quite an unusual issue related to the MacBook sleep process. After a little reading I discovered it could be corrected with a small application.

After a few minutes we began to screen share and I installed and configured the software for the user. Making sure it worked as intended we chatted briefly and parted ways.

A week later the same user required a little more assistance configuring Windows 7 within a virtual machine. Again I have previous experience so began screen share to troubleshoot once again. After changing a few settings we had Windows installed.

Its been a while since I have used windows and I was shocked. The font system is EVEN worse than I remember. For anyone with a visual impairment its worth simply taking a look at OS X. The colours and fonts on windows simply bleed into each other and make it unreadable, while OS X remains crisp.

I felt particularly good about helping a fellow blind user so will extend the offer to anyone else in the community.

If you need any support or advice related to anything under OS X and Windows simply contact me and I will be more than happy to help.