A Memorable Week

The past week certainly lived upto expectations with the arrival of our baby son.

On the 9th of September around 8pm we headed to our local hospital for a quick checkup. We assumed we would be heading back home shortly after, turned out we were wrong.

Sian was actually in labour so we were checked in and prepared for a long wait. Wrong again! the labour turned out to be incredibly quick and a short time later in the early hours of the 10th of September Grayson Paul Wheatcroft was born.

Sian did fantastic through labour achieving a natural birth. With the new family tired we stayed the night on another ward and headed home the next day.

Since Grayson arrived home time has flown by, its still hard to believe we have a little baby.

So as well as many posts about running I am sure I will slip a few in about being a father too.