So it begins

After arriving back in the UK I decided to get back in the gym. After my past year cycling between CrossFit and Starting Strength I have decided to try something new.

There has been a lot of buzz on the internet about P90X. Now I will start by saying workouts videos are so far away from my usual style of workout. However I have decided to give it a shot.

I will be following the diet as closely as possible to increase the impact of the workout.

So how did day 1 go?

Well it was a KILLER. I have not worked out in around 2 months thanks to travelling so it was certainly baptism by fire. I started the day out eating a P90X correct diet waited enough time for the food to settle then hit the workout.

The burn begins in the warm up never-mind the actual workout. The advice by Tony Hornton is constantly to pace yourself in round 1. I certainly didn’t heed his advice and went a little hard. Demonstrated by the fact i was posting numbers on a few exercises just short of the people in the video.

So by round 2 I could barely hold the pen to write down my results after each exercise. The workout certainly kicked my ass. I made my way through round 2 utilising 2 extra rest periods.

So onto Ab Ripper X and where it all started to fall apart. 3 minutes from the end of the workout and I was shot. I could no longer lift up my legs to even complete the ab exercises.

So there I lay on the floor waiting for enough energy to get up and grab some much needed recovery food. This is where it really turned bad, I should of checked the use by date on the food BEFORE the workout! I was trying to use up a few supplements I had left over from previous working routines. Bad idea 5 months out of date and nothing diet safe to eat I went unfed until tea!

Thankfully I have got some much needed food arriving tomorrow so I should be able to hit the calorie intake as well as completing the workout.

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