Shoulders and Biceps

Well yesterdays workout decided it wasn’t done with me yet! I woke up this morning incredibly sore. My quads calfs and hip flexors. I could barely walk down the stairs for my P90X safe breakfast.

Todays workout however was the easiest yet. Perhaps this is related to my weight lifting background but I find it relatively easy. I perhaps dogged it a little and went under on a few of the weights. But I managed to keep up with the video including the bonus round.

The only problem came with Ab Ripper X. I am still unable to keep up with the video but this being week 1 I hold faithful that I will be dominating it soon.

The only disappointment of today was my delivery of supplements. Not only did it arrive 1 day late after I paid expedited delivery it arrived damaged. A quick email to Monster Supplements and they arranged 10% off my next order. Despite this being around the 3rd mishap from Monster Supplements I simply like the company and products to much to change.

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