School visit

I did a little school visit today to a high school in Sheffield called High Storrs.  It was one of the nicest school visits I have done.

It was a secondary school so the children were a little more interested in how I do what I do, rather than just seeing an olympic torch.  So I went in and gave a talk on how I got to where I am and the entire journey.  The interesting bit however was the questions by the pupils, they seemed to ask great questions.

Ranging from how I lost my vision, whether it was genetic and some of the issues surrounding my training.  It really seemed like the pupils were interested in how I had got to where I am.  They also loved Ascot and my son, who also attended.  My son just ran around kicking a ball around the gym and playing peekaboo, this made Ascot want to join in so he was ready to bolt at any second.

A couple more schools and colleges have asked me to pop in and talk about my training so will be great to continue to share my story with the local school children.

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