Running to a Stop

For the first time in a number of months I haven’t run. So get ready for the excuses.

My college work has gradually been piling up and thanks to a few time management issues; which aren’t my entire fault! I now have 5 assignments and one week to complete them. Obviously this time restraint makes it even more difficult when reading is a real strain, the level of mental concentration needed for me to read cannot be maintained over long periods of time.

The work will get done, one way or another.

The next excuse? Slightly sore knees. As the weekend miles have increased I have been suffering from a little pain in my knees. I am confident this is just a strength issue and with the help of some glucosamine, plies and a little ibuprofen I will be back running in no time.

Determined to put both these things behind me I headed out for a swift 3 miles yesterday. Half a mile in I convinced myself the knee pain was not worth it. The real problem was simply my head was not in the game. I was worrying to much about whether I should include diagram a or diagram b in my kidney assignment.

I have managed to eek out a little work today, so hopefully tomorrow I will rack up a quick 4 miler. Along with 2 assignments, the weekly food shop and oh yeah looking after a baby.

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