Risk Assesments

Today me and Sian decided to hike up half dome. We set off from the hotel at 4am and arrived at the foot of the trail in the pitch black. Armed with a torch we walked the first hour in total darkness.

As everyone can imagine this did not turn out very well. An hour later we discovered we had gone in the wrong direction! With the light finally breaking we were on the right trail.

It started off manageable but quickly became impossible for myself. We were at constant cliff edges with me attempting rather unsuccessfully negotiate the trail. After a few close shaves of me nearly falling off the edge it was time to do a risk assessment. The probability and impact were far to high it was simply a matter of time until I fell to my death.

So we decided to head back on a slightly easier trail. Now this proved a slight problem for myself. As the plan all along was to propose to Sian at the top of the mountain.

So I had to settle for a wonderful view of Half Dome instead. So down on one knee I plucked up the courage to ask. After saying yes and having a quick kiss and cuddle we sat down to eat our philadelphia sandwiches and admire the wonderful Yosemite landscape.

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