Rest and Nutrition

The accumulation of 14 weeks of training ended on Sunday with our 10k run. Using the dreadmill and the roads Scott and I had worked up from running an earth shattering 1 min splits all the way to 10k. Our goal began as a simple 5k run, when we achieved this with ease we rose the bar. Our new goal is marathon distance by sep/oct. To aid in this goal we decided to have a rest week.

The rest week didn’t exactly pan out. Instead we racked up our highest mileage in a 7 day period. So with 3 days until our new running schedule begins the rest has officially begun.

With a new schedule comes a new diet, my current diet runs at a negative 5600 cals a week. Far from healthy and explains my fatigue recently. So the new diet is a large calorie increase. The extra cals will be coming mainly from nuts and lean protein sources and maybe a pancake or two!

I will be trotting out FitDay to track calories and if there is any demand at all will post a weekly diet plan.

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