Race For Life

On the hottest day of the year I began the long walk to the start line. My sister was running/walking in the Race For Life 5km. With the closest parking being just over a mile away it was the first test for my ankle. Pain free we arrived at the staging area.

My sister was already in the starting area so we were quickly trying to make our way to the front so her 2 boys could see the start. Hoisted above my head we caught a quick glimpse of my sister as the race began.

Knowing the competitive women would post great a time we made our way over to the finish line. 18 minutes had passed and not a runner in sight, I put this down to the heat and terrain as in local races the competitive women usually post around 16-17 mins.

Around the 23 minute mark the first competitor reached the home straight, with a rouse of applause they crossed the line. It would be another 1 minute 30 before second place. As the time ticked by many of the more athletic women began to collapse and vomit a mere 50m from the finish line. The heat and dehydration seemed to be affecting a number of the female competitors.

Watching the dehydrated women made me wonder how I will complete a 100m race. Will I be this ill? Rather than this being an off putting thought it inspired me to enter some competitive races. I want to push myself to the limit and beyond like these women were.

My sister completed the race with a final sprint and a time of 46 minutes, a great time for my sister as she only began running 2 weeks ago.

The injury is healing quickly thanks to compression and rest, so I am quietly hopeful I may make my race in a couple of weeks. I have revised my target time to a 25 minute for the 5k as this injury has meant no speed work for a month.

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