Well I learnt 2 very important lessons today

1. Dont do plyometrics bare foot
2. Dont try and drink V8 straight after the workout

This week will be the first time for all the exercises and today it was the turn of plyometrics.

Boy oh boy does it make you sweat! and also made me realise how much extra body fat im carrying coming back from the states.

The exercises themselves are nice and varied although you do hit the squats heavily. I had to use a few of the subs on around 4 of the exercises and was a little guilty of not being able to match the pace on a few exercises.

I also found the last section where all the moves are based on american sports so alien. Although im not to sure cricket is that cardio intensive, so wont be basing many workout videos on that!

All in all though it was a great workout and I managed to get through it far better than yesterdays.

The diet is getting closer today I did intent on being spot on but my food is yet to be delivered which is slightly annoying as I pid for expediated delivery.

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