Pancake Power

In preparation for todays personal best I began the day with the usual eggs, bacon and pancake stack. The challenge today was 5.5 miles.

Scott arrived and we set off for a new drop off point. We decided on a new route which would place us on the usual stretch home with around 4.5 miles to go.

Now whenever we choose a new route I have to try and memorise the terrain and curbs. There was a slight hair raising moment where I believed the path went straight on, this however placed me into oncoming traffic.

I quick shout of “wrong way!” and I was back on course. The first mile melted away as we joined the home 4.5 mile stretch. This long slog allows your mind to wander.

Today I began noticing how aggressive my foot strike can become. This is due to the undulating sidewalks, whenever we pass a drive way the sidewalk will dip then raise. So the dip generally results in a longer than anticipated stride so I heel strike heavily.

I doubt this problem can be solved by increased communication from my guide runner as the flow of information would be way to high. I do memorise a number of the dips and raises and have amended my running position, but I feel it will simply be a bug to bear.

The run was far easier than either of us anticipated, next weeks challenge a 10k!

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