nikeID and steph

arriving home from alton towers today incredibly sunburnt i had a nice little parcel waiting for me. it was my nikeID

bought these puppies for the gym, obviously no one at the gym knows i use moochoo as an internet handle so not sure why i had my name printed on them?

a few days ago i was looking around a shoe lace website and found they had a “our team” section. now instead of it just listing the team it listed them all as products. to stop people trying to buy them as a joke they listed the price high. this obviously didn’t stop me so i bought steph

SIZE: 32x24x36
PRICE: £100.00 each
DESCRIPTION: Steph is only a phone call away to help with all your customer queries and to take your orders..

her description was interesting i thought!

apparently she is a brilliant shine, looks like her dimensions mean she would fit in a reasonably sized box and well she is ready to take orders. £100 cant go wrong.

i filled in all the correct info including my real credit card number but decided to alter the expiry date so they would be forced to contact me.

i received the order confirmation

now it seems they are trying to contact me to talk about my order, looks like i wont be able to purchase a steph after all 🙁

price: £45 trainers £100 steph
available: and not sure if steph is available yet

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