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I consider myself an emotional runner. As it is my emotional state that appears to dictate how far I can run. Whether it is riding the crest of a high, where running seems as simple as breathing, or the depths where another step seems a daunting task. It is perhaps those depths that offer the most interesting moments of running. The opportunity to overcome and push despite being emotionally and physically depleted. While in those depths I motivate myself by allowing my mind to wander. I recall stories of other runners that in the past have inspired and motivated me. It is those stories that pull me from the depths and allow me to continue.

So when I was asked to contribute to a new running magazine “Like The Wind” with a focus on runner’s stories, I jumped at the chance to contribute. I wrote a short piece that told the story of my initial steps into running solo. After submitting the article, I was asked if I had any photos of myself running. I rarely retain photos of myself, as I don’t particularly have a need for photos. Instead it was suggested that an illustrator could take my piece and use it as the basis for a drawing. I thought this a great idea as it would allow them to add their own take on my story.

I was also invited down to the magazine launch, with the idea of me giving a little talk surrounding my running future. Again I jumped at the chance, with my IAB talk on the horizon I felt I needed a little more practice on stage. I had decided to take it seriously and for the first time write a script to memorise. After a few botched attempts I decided I would go for the usual approach – just wing it. I feel the talk went well and I managed to quickly reel through a few of the things I intend to do over the coming year.

The real surprise was my piece had become the cover of the magazine. The illustration stood proud as the cover with me being featured a few pages in. The magazine itself has a wonderful feel and smell (I am told it also looks beautiful!). It features a whole host of essays from inspiring runners as well as poems and photo essays. It stands as a beautiful and unique collection of running inspiration and will be something I will be proud to show my son when older.

The magazine is available for purchse through the Like Like The Wind store. I will also be doing a little giveaway of an issue next week. So stay tuned on twitter if you would like to win a copy!



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