We have been in LA 2 days now and its been quite a nice experience. LA was our first honeymoon destination so we had decided to take it easy after the monster hikes earlier in the trip.

So upon arriving we took a walk around and managed to stumble upon the 3rd street promenade. Which is a fantastic few blocks full of shops and lots of street entertainers. All the fabulous failures of Britains got talent were proudly displaying their contest numbers.

After our usual debates on where to eat tea we decided to do the traditional English tourist and head to the nearest english pub. We dined on such fine english classics as Tikka Masala and a chicken sandwich.

In the morning we decided to do the only 3 tourist things we had wanted to do in LA. La Brae Tar Pits, Hollywood stars and of course the Hollywood sign.

The tar pits were fantastic. The sheer amount of fossils/bones discovered in such a small area is astounding. Sian managed to grab some amazing shots of the walls of skulls. Soon to be my new desktop background. The grounds themselves are also wonderful and made for a nice walk.

We then headed to the hollywood stars and the sign and were frankly disappointed. There doesn’t seem to be any glamour or glitz surrounding them and just seem plain boring.

This time for tea we decided to be adventurous and head to The Yard to try a Kobe steak. However there were no seats so we ended up at the english place for liver and onions.

Today we decided to have a beach day and WOW. Santa Monica beach is gorgeous. We headed straight to muscle beach so I could strut my stuff. The free gym facilities on the beach are a crossfitters dream. Olympic rings, pull up bars, ropes, parallel bars and even some equipment out of nina warrior!

After playing on the olympic rings and climbing the ropes we headed down to sunbathe and watch the surfers. We managed to tan for a few hours and head back to the hotel room.

Tonight the plan is to find something nice to eat so no doubt end up at the english pub when all our attempts at finding a nice restaurant fail!

Tomorrow we are SF bound and time to give up the car!

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