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There is nothing like baptism by fire.

I decided to finally bite the bullet and enter my first 100-mile race, in fact the first race I have ever entered.  I am sure some people may say for a first race it is a little adventurous: but I am certainly adventurous.

I am currently recovering from my knee injury but I am confident I can catch up on the training.  I have adjusted my goal and have decided to walk for larger sections of the race in order to complete the race.  The goal of a sub 24-hour race may no longer be possible but I will finish.

So I am asking for a little help from anyone who can run/cycle even a few miles to act as a guide.  I do not need hand holding just a little assistance to make sure I don’t run into cars or posts.  So it is a simple task really, if you cycle; as long as you take point or ride alongside I will be fine, the same goes for running.  If you prefer to run anything around an 11min a mile pace will be enough.

What I really need is someone who is able to run a 15 mile segment through the night, this will be the toughest stint, BUT even if you cant run now, training to run a 15 mile distance by June the 24th will be a breeze.  So if you want to help me achieve the challenge of a lifetime and be part of something special get in touch!

2 thoughts on “Keep on running

  1. Simon,

    Just read your post about your ultra ambition and wondered if you still needed a guide for part of the race.

    I’m no Haile Gebrselassie but I’d be happy to offer my services as a keen amateur runner if you wanted. I’m down to start the Berlin marathon in September and so the ultra (or at least a bit of it!) would fit in perfectly with my training.

    Let me know if I can help. Either way, the very best of luck!

    – Svein

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