I got 99 problems but……..

Well its been a long time since a blog update and a lot has happened.

We arrived in Vegas to early to check in so we decided to head out and see if we could buy a wedding dress for Sian. We headed to a place called David’s Bridal.

They had a huge selection of bridal wear and after trying a few dresses on and making all the other potential brides jealous by fitting into a size 0 we had a dress.

Time to head to In n Out burger! where we had our first of many.

With stage 1 of planning out of the way it was time to find a venue. A little bit of internet research and knowing of a few of the more famous chapels we set on an adventure down the strip.

We tried many chapels including the chapels where Britney Spears and Bon Jovi were married at and even including a few drive through venues. In the end we settled on The Little Chapel.

So now on day 2 late evening time to find me an outfit. This did not go as well, after walking an incredible distance up and down the strip we had nothing. This left us incredibly frustrated so we headed back to the hotel to sleep on it and try again in the morning.

We awoke and headed down to Caesars Palace where we found a fantastic mall. After only a few hours of looking around I had my outfit so we were all set!

Time to finally enjoy ourselves and take a look around Vegas. Seen as it was the night before our wedding we decided to treat ourselves to a nice meal and a few drinks. Even more of a treat when our waiter forgot to include all our drinks! HOORAY!

So the day had finally arrived after an incredibly long planning stage of 2 days. I am sure everyone has seen the video and slides by now so i will skip over this bit!

After the wedding we were incredibly hungry so our wedding breakfast ending up being a shared bowl of Beijing Chicken and rice at Panda Express. Where as our official wedding breakfast would be at a rather nice fish restaurant within MGM.

Finally time to gamble! we were incredibly lucky on our night of gambling so decided to check out while we were ahead and spent some of the money on a few luxuries that were not within our budget. Next visit to vegas will include far more gambling!

The following day we decided to set ourselves the challenge of the all you can eat all day buffet at MGM. This sounded great but ended up being incredibly difficult to max out the eating 3 times in one day! I did however manage to stuff a fair amount of donuts and cakes in, then as we found out OJ was included I gulped down a few litres.

In the afternoon we headed over to the Luxor for the Bodies exhibition. It is difficult to describe how spectacular the exhibit really is. I would advise anyone who can stomach it to check it out.

So onto our last day a few quick lessons of poker for Sian and the usual Vegas touristy hot spots. With a little more Panda Express.

I do feel a little bad that the entire Vegas trip has been summed up in such a short post but the lack of internet and the hectic schedule of getting the wedding complete has kept us incredibly busy!!

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