Help a blind runner get from Boston to NYC!

This year I will finally run my first marathon, in NYC. Before I even ran I had dreamed of running NYC, it is also one of the cities I visited while I still had sight, so it always feels special whenever I return. It is also tantalisingly close to Boston, the birthplace of RunKeeper – the running app that made running solo outdoors as a blind runner possible.

So I had an idea, why not run from Boston to NYC, then compete in the NYC marathon? And to make it even more special, why not connect with people on social media to help me along the way. That is the plan and I am reaching out to the internet to help make it happen!

The Adventure

The plan is to arrive in Boston around mid to late october and begin running an average of 30 miles a day, for 10-13 days (distance varies depending on final route chosen). I plan to break the run into small chunks, and connect with as many people as possible. I don’t expect people to run at a particular pace, I am happy to run, jog or walk, the idea is just to connect with as many people as possible to help me get to NYC.

I intend on producing as much real time content as possible, from video, audio, photos, real-time GPS, health tracking, quality hiking gear, basically using any available technology to produce data while I run. I will also be maintaining a blog up to and during the adventure, so there will be a stream of content produced from the run. Something I hope to share with everyone involved and as a keepsake to show my children when they are older.


As I am currently a student and will finish my degree just in time for this adventure, predictably I am skint! So I am looking at two possible avenues for funding this adventure, sponsorship and public speaking.

There are numerous opportunities for brands and companies to become involved, I am open to all suggestions, so if you feel we could work together, or know someone who may be interested please get in touch.

I believe this to be a great opportunity for brands, the adventure will run for around 2 weeks, so there will be substantial social media coverage. I also anticipate numerous other press appearances, and will be contacting all the agencies I have been working with in the past. In return for brands supporting my adventure I would certainly make myself available for any press events, or public speaking at a conference of your choosing. To make this adventure a reality I really need help with travel, accomodation and a few pieces of equipment. If you can help with any of these please do get in touch.

The other route is public speaking, I do have experience at public speaking and at recent conferences including IAB mobile and Google Think, I was rated top speaker. I have also been invited to speak at technology companies including Twitter, PayPal, Google and more. As well as speaking at conferences I also do smaller motivational speeches for corporate events. So if you have any need for a motivational public speaker, or would just like to hear my story, please get in touch and help me fund my new adventure.

“Simon tells a compelling story of a life transformed by two things: technology and a positive attitude. I’ve seen him speak twice. Each time he has inspired the audience and been the best performing speaker on the programme”.
Bruce Daisley, MD Twitter UK.

So who am I?

I am aware some people may not know who I am, so to save you reading my entire blog, here is a commercial I starred in for Carphone Warehouse. It gives a great outline of who I am and what I have achieved up to this point.

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