Excuses: I got a lot

Last night despite still feeling a little rough from the pesky cold I decided to do a little run. I have been trying to practice running at night, its something I have never done so I am trying to build my confidence.

It was a short 4 miles run but I was struggling at the 2 mile mark. This should of been a sign, despite this I thought I could run a 28 miler today; in an effort to catch up on missed miles.

Turns out that was a little ambitious. I was struggling at mile 6 and coughing up large amount of phlegm. I convinced myself Gu could solve all and swallowed more than I usually would.

This took me to mile 12, a quick nuun; again convincing myself it was hydration and I was fine for a few more miles. I lasted to mile 15 before it was just time to quit. I was fatigued, down on pace and decided to make the shame call.

Asking my wife to collect me 3 hours early, even worse I didn’t even make it to the agreed collection point, she had to come find me.

So the excuses:

I was ill
Fatigued from running 10 hours previous
It was unseasonably warm, 20+ in April!

I do worry this close to the race about not hitting weekly mileage, but its a new start next week. I will be over my cold and ready to put in some big runs.

2 thoughts on “Excuses: I got a lot

  1. I found an article about you on a random website while looking up 5k programs. As you can imagine, with my aspirations being to run a 5k in 3 weeks, your 15-mile run makes you seem like a superhero to me. But, we all have to start somewhere. Don’t be too hard on yourself. From what I’ve read, you have overcome a lot of obstacles and I have no doubt you will eventually reach your goals. As a wise fortune cookie once told me, “anything is possible with a willing heart.” I tend to believe this.

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