Day 8

Weight – 205lbs [average of 3 weighins]


breakast – 3oz steak. 2 eggs, 1 bread + butter, 1 apple
lunch – 4oz deli meat, 2oz cheese, 2 bread + full fat mayo, grapes
snack – 2 mini muffins
dinner – 5oz chicken, 2 corn tortilla, 1/2 red pepper. 1/4 cup onion, 1/2 tomato, 10 almonds, few grapes

The weight loss is pretty steady at 4lbs, i used to lose around that a week when i was calorie counting. but i lost so much of my muscle base it was scary. hopefully this time round i will manage to retain a lot of my muscle. only problem being i haven’t been able to get to the gym since i started the diet. this should change soon as im kitting out the garage to be crossfit friendly so i should be pretty much sorted!

I will however be doing some runs, gonna try and get down to the lake tonight to get a 3km in.

Well i put in just under 2km at the lake, im training with sian so im trying to increase her distance at the same time so its lowering mine nm.

I fell asleep at around 8 though and missed my evening snack oops!

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