Late Friday my torchbearing position was confirmed. Meaning June the 26th I will be carrying the torch through a small village called Armthorpe. This is obly. Few miles from my house so is the perfect place for me.

Over the past few weeks there have been lots of rumours about being Ble to our base the torch you carry. However the rumour was it would cost around £400. This was A large amount to pay to own the torch but it was something I really wanted to own to show my son.

The program to purchase the torch was announced and at a surprisingly lower price. £199. I was pretty happy with the reduced price. I did still feel it was a little rough to charge for the torch as some might big be able to afford it.

Much to my surprise when I checked my email there was one from Coca Cola. They had purchased my torch on my behalf and would present me with it on the day. A wonderful surprise but I still feel for the people who have to pay.

This week also saw my return to training after surgery. Having a real tough time at the minute but hopefully will all be sorted for the summer.

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