Coming to an end

Last september I had a pretty big week.  I started college, I became a father and I started training to run an ultra.  Now college has come to an end.

It is still settling in that I no longer have to goto college,  I really enjoyed my time there despite the challenges on accessible courseware.  I especially enjoyed studying psychology and look forward to continuing at degree level.

I managed to finish the course with the highest mark possible, so pretty happy with that.  I scored far higher than was needed for my place at university so feel I am in a great position to take my education to the next step.

As one of my challenges comes to an end the other two are just starting.  My run will be over shortly and all my hard training will hopefully pay off with a finish.  Being a father however is the challenge that will never end!


One thought on “Coming to an end

  1. Simon, congratulations on approaching the end of college with a fantastic result; your continued achievements are an inspiration and I have no doubt university will be executed as well.

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