Well another day of yoga and my flexibility is becoming slightly better. A lot of the moves now make a little more sense and I should be ok for doing a couple of sessions of yoga next week.

I did fall over numerous times however so I am certainly a long way from becoming proficient. I still cant touch my toes!

Plyo and Biceps

Well yesterday was another plyo day as usual the lactic acid build up in my quads hits me hard and I am moving onto the squat subs by round 2. However I am managing the rest of the workout now and subbing far less.

This workout really does build up a sweat, I can feel it dripping down onto my hands as I do the more vigorous moves!

Today was the glamour workout, pumping those shoulders, biceps and triceps. Moving into the 3rd round my left bicep was shot and beginning to feel a little numb. This workout certainly pumps you like no other. I manage to maintain form to a higher standard than previous attempts and kept all my weights consistent with last week.

The Ab Ripper is still the show stopper, I am not hitting the required 25 reps on about 4 of the exercises. Every time Tony announces its time for Pfifer Scissors I begin to curse his name!

Oh I did manage to post the same numbers as tony and his crew on both the tricep dips and the tricep press ups today!

Tony Horton I hate you!

Back and chest, what a workout this one is. Again I pushed it as hard as I possible could beating the previous weeks numbers and managing to stay strong right till the end.

Then comes Ab Ripper X, god I hate this section of the workout. Im already beat why the hell do I want to do an Ab workout!!!

I managed to stumble through dropping a few reps here and there in each set and got through to the end. I really question whether at the end of P90X if I will be able to dominate this workout.

Looking forward to tomorrows sweat fest though!

Yoga n Kenpo

Well I managed to miss a day or two of blogging and unfortunately one days workout. Not doing to well at following the workout rigidly at the moment.

However I did manage to finally do the Yoga workout. This is definitely going to be the workout I struggle with. I am so far away from flexible and lactic acid is again an issue.

I did love the sat down yoga moves though and managed to make the wonderful back cracking noise a few times.

I missed the back and legs workout so missed out on even more pull-ups BOO!!

Todays workout was back round to Kenpo. I managed to up the intensity from last time and really put everything into throwing all the punches and kicks. Trying to put all those Bas Rutten workouts to good use.

Bulging biceps

I found todays workout the easiest to date. I think its just to hard to tire out while doing such isolated exercises. My biceps and triceps and well and truly trashed but overall I am far from fatigued I could easily go for a run or some other CV.

THe recovery shakes are also starting to become more bare-able I am reducing the amount of water I mix them with to make chugging a little easier.

Although I am worried about the cost implications of the recovery drinks especially as I am out of work at the minute.

I am still lacking some progress pics mainly because I cant seem to find my camera! But I can definitely say my upper body seems to be bulking out slightly.

Really is the mother

Another shot at plyometrics today and another killer. I seem to be dripping in sweat and fighting for my breath on the second round!

As last time I had to do a few of the substitutes as my quads just seem to build up lactic acid incredibly quickly. I think this could be down to the high load low rep squats and deads I have done in the past. Giving me great strength but terrible endurance.

The americanised bonus round is also annoying as the moves just don’t seem natural to me. So I end up doing them quite half heartedly, but i do LOVE the football star one I believe its called. Could do just an hour of that! Monster truck tyres is also another favourite in this workout.

I managed to stay on my feet after todays workout so no kitchen collapsing.

Round and round

Well onto week 2 of the workout so the cycle begins again. Today was another torturous adventure into pull-ups and press-ups.

I managed to prepare for the workout by having a terrible nights sleep and being incredibly dehydrated.

The workout began and I consistently beat every number of reps I had managed to achieve the previous week. Delighted and nauseous I began the Ab Ripper. THis is where it all fell apart.

I made it just past halfway through the Ab Ripper and that was it nothing at all left in the tank. I laid on the floor for a few minutes exhausted and managed to muster enough strength to make it to the kitchen.

Kneeling on the floor with barely enough energy to mix my energy drink with water dripping down the kitchen sides I manages to add the powder and all the water.

so laid out on the kitchen floor attempting to mix up my drink with the little energy I had I was sat there wondering why I push myself this hard. After collapsing in the corner and not being able to bring myself to drink the odd tasting orange drink I snapped it together. Downed the drink in one, threw the mixer into the sink and went and collapsed on the sofa.

Here is to hoping I get a better nights sleep and achieve far better at tomorrows workout.

Rest day!

Ahhhh the rest day at last. Well technically it’s the second thanks to a lost contact lense.

One week in to P90X and I’m still really enjoying the routines. As ever the diet is the hard part I just find it to difficult to eat high calorie. If you could do the calores in burgers and nachos would be far easier.

I am going to try to take some progress pics. See if I can achiee the beach body everyone in the workout videos is sporting


Another day another workout. Today kenpo supriaingly easy for a p90x workout. The only problem was me losing my place or messing up the exercise a few times.

The big problem I seem to be having is with flexability it appears to be something I really need to work on.

The diet is steadily improving my only issue is not hitting calories this is something I will address next week.

Back and legs

Well I was fearing todays workout, my legs were still in pieces from earlier in the week. However it went really well the exercises were a lot of fun and hit the pull ups again.

I decided to treat myself to a new gym mat today to cushion my bum during the ab ripper. It worked incredibly well and I managed far more of the the workout. The one small problem turned out to be I was sweating so much it caused me to slip and slide on the mat!

I did get a chance to try my new recovery drink. It’s basically like drinking orange sherbet! Might try another flavor next time.