casa noble añejo

todays purchase is very special, for my birthday [3rd of june] i decided to track down some nice alcohol. after a quick search around and being very tempted by some high end vodkas i decided on tequila.

mainly because i enjoy the game of tequila, the salt lick and lime suck just seems to make drinking that much more fun.

in typical style i couldnt just buy ANY tequila it needed to be a little special so i bought this

“This exquisite tequila is matured in French White Oak barrels for five years, and has an exceptional bouquet and body that ranks among the finest distilled spirits in the world. Its deep golden tone is reflected in a decanter so unique and beautiful, that it has earned the distinction of being among the most exquisite liquor bottles in the industry. Made of black porcelain, it is decorated with accents and labels made of 18k gold hand painted by local Artists. Production is limited to 2,000 cases a year, and is already sought after by collectors.”

price: £54.95 inc del

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