Cane Training

For a number of years I have been putting off cane training.  I had developed a system to navigate that during the time I felt was acceptable.  In hindsight all I had really done is stopped going out on my own.  I had restricted my travel to assure I was always accompanied by someone else.

I had decided a month or so ago to start the training but I was waiting for my request to be processed.  Finally last week I met for my first lesson with the cane.  Mobility previously caused a large amount of anxiety, while I was able to navigate in known areas I was still incredibly anxious and navigating around in unknown areas was incredibly difficult.

Beginning to use the cane I instantly dropped this anxiety as know I was sure I wasn’t going to walk into anything.  I was now able to walk around at a consistent pace at ease.  I had been resilient of the cane as I would lose my anonymity and I would instantly be identified as blind.  However while utilising the cane this thought never once entered my mind instead I was focussed on the instant difference it was making.

I am continuing my lessons with the cane and will chronicle my progress as I go.  Its week or so till my next lesson however as the intructor is on her holidays.

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