Being Sensible

Sensible and my running training have rarely gone together, I usually go out their run till I break then do it again the next day. The problem with this is you end up with a few injuries. I was very prone to this during my last ultra cycle and picked up a few injuries that cost me a lot of money to get sorted. This time round I have vowed not to make the same mistake.

Well I say that, I only decided that while out running today. I have been attempting to play catch up on my training. I fell a little behind due to a few issues with a broken treadmill and university. I thought no worries I will just pretend I put those miles in. You may already be noticing the flaw in this thinking!

While out today I had planned on running 18 miles but I decided to be sensible and take a few steps back and only run 14. But what prompted this change in my thinking?

For the first time in a long time I made a mistake while running. Now I do usually run into objects that are placed on my route, there is nothing I can do about this I accept the fact I may run into the odd street cones, roadkill or man at work sign. But today was different I actually made a mistake.

Worrying so much about getting my mileage up was playing on my mind and I had a lapse in concentration. This isn’t an issue while on the treadmill but out and about on the open roads I can’t afford mistakes.

So I decided to take a few steps back in my training plan to make sure I stay switched on and mistake free. It won’t be a huge issue as I had a few weeks of wiggle room anyway so I will still be fighting fit for my 100 mile run next year!

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