And so it begins…..

Well I promised I would keep everyone upto date, so out in the hot evening sun sipping a bud time to list the days activities.

A ridiculously early start thanks to our bodies still running on GMT meant an early breakfast. After stealing a few choice items for the long car journey ahead it was time to get on the road.

First stop downtown SF to pick up some workout gear which hopefully I will get to use later in the holiday. As right now I am not convinced the door frames in the cabin can take my weight!

Our brief look of SF highlighted just how much smog there seems to be, we couldn’t even see the tops of the skyscrapers. We only stayed a short time in SF and headed out to do the first big shop and to Yosemite.

THe wonders of GPS took us to a non existent Walmart which left us driving around trying to find a supermarket we could buy fruit and water in bulk.

After a few hours we had managed to buy all the needed supplies so we headed for a quick disappointing lunch at Togo’s. Without a doubt the worst sub I have ever eaten, WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!!

The long drive out to Yosemite was far from what I had imagined. The surroundings were so flat and desolate, broken only by the occasional grape fields.

After a few hours driving it was time to fill up the car. Which is where we hit a few problems. We didn’t know if we had a diesel or unleaded vehicle, the pumps didn’t accept our credit cards and we had no idea how to operate the pump once we found a card it liked! The ever friendly american public was at hand and showed us the ropes and we were on our way in no time.

We arrived at the Yosemite Bug and made our way to our cabin on stilts. [I am sure Sian will be uploading a few pictures] Ate a quick dinner and headed down to the bar.

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