A Large Slice of Pi

Ever since leaving my job in IT i have had a diminished interested in the whole topic.  I have obviously continues to use my computers but merely to complete set tasks rather than as utilising them as a hobby and for something to enjoy.

All that has changed with the arrival of my Raspberry Pi.  In a week of owning the Pi I must of run more than 12 different operating systems.  I am trying to get a working version of AirTunes through libshairport, I thought this was going to be an easy task, it appears not!

But that has what kept me going, I found myself willing the latest change not to work.  Just so I had to spend some more time researching and fiddling.  That hasn’t happened with computing for a long time for me, perhaps I am just used to the Apple “It just works” philosophy nowadays.

But whatever it is I am really enjoying computing again.  The Raspberry Pi is so accessible in terms of cost.  At under £30 and SD cards being incredibly cheap I can have a fully working computer for just over £30! I wish such cheap computing had been available when I was younger! I used to have to save up for around 6 months just to afford an optical drive!

There are so many exciting projects out their utilising the Raspberry Pi and I can’t wait to start trying some of them out.  I am trying to get Sian interested in sending one into near space, could be a great little project for us to do together!

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